AEW Dynamite Results and Reaction

Show on Friday, May 28th, 2021 Reviewed Saturday, May 29th, 2021

Author Jason McCarthy Sr

Cezar Bononi VS Darby Allin

The smart way to open the show with Darby Allin, the pop he got from the first non socially distanced crowd in over a year was awesome I got goosebumps can only imagine how awesome Darby and the rest of the roster fell. Bononi growing quickly with his in-ring skill and learning how to portray his size and attacks properly. Good psychology as well Cezar realized early on his power would not be enough to control Darby, went for the midsection early and often. With the Wingmen Bononi’s character could really grow (waxed vaxed and ready for hot boy summer) may be the line of the night by Excalibur. Darby the classic never say die babyface continuing to evolve his style meshing technical ability, speed, and take no prisoners have no fear offense to create a well-rounded wrestling persona. Not solely relying on any one style.

After the match segment did exactly what it needed to do, getting even more heat on Scorpio Sky and Ethan Page, called out by Darby Allin and refusing to fight them for free. Attack by Page and Sky brings out Dark Order before Sky can break the ankle of Sting on the chair. (Ethan Page is sneaky good, not only in the ring but with his body language as well.

Cody Rhodes Anthony Agogo Weigh In

Did not feel this segment as much as AEW wanted us to, might have been better live just did not increase my excitement for their matchup Sunday at Double or Nothing could have and possibly should have been done in backstage pre-tape.

Hangman Page VS Joey Janella

Just as hard-hitting as their last contest, Picture in Picture hurt the flow of the match a little bit, but both knew when it was over, and we were back to full screen ratcheting up the hits and Hangman being even more brutal with his strikes and buckshot lariat. Could not tell exactly where Hangman got busted open the hard way and did not seem even a little happy about it. Followed by Hangman calling out The Machine Brian Cage and calling him out expecting more from him than Team Taz attacking him all the time challenging Cage to wrestle at Double or Nothing without Team Taz in tow which looks like the Machine agreed to.

Eddie Kingston Jon Moxley Promo

Impassionate promo by two of the best on the mic right now, truly selling the importance of and putting over the AEW tag team titles, Moxley especially claiming he needs those championship belts. Eddie leaned heavily on the fact that the executives are the champions of the company and there not taking it anymore.

Pac Promo

Was billed as Orange Cassidy promo. Pac however had other ideas, calling Kenny pathetic for ducking him for so long. Don Callis appears on-screen putting over the toughness of PAC and distracting Pac so Kenny Omega could attempt to attack him from behind. Resulting in Pac’s intelligence showing (did not fall for it) and got the upper hand on Omega until the good brothers came out, Death Triangle makes the save running off the good brothers creating space for Orange Cassidy to arrive with Best Friends and Kris Statlander in tow, Cassidy hands Kenny envelope with the non-compete contract torn to shreds distracting Kenny enough to eat an Orange Punch. Cassidy attempts to retrieve the belt which PAC takes exception to attempts pop up powerbomb but the king of sloth style counters and delivered a vicious and loud Orange Punch, grasping the AEW World Championship to end the segment.

Jade Cargill VS KiLynn King

Match length was prolonged due to picture in picture becoming a glorified squash match. You can see the growth of Jade Cargill’s wrestling ability as she gets more reps, King showed that the moment was not too big for her hanging with the more powerful Jade Cargill for a short time. Cargill is a star and with “Smart’ Mark as her manager, I think Cargill will get that AEW Women’s Title sooner rather than later.

Miro VS Dante Martin TNT Championship Match

An all-out assault by Miro, keeping his head and maintaining his heel nature not giving the crowd what they want after delivering a scintillating kick to the spine of Martin. Dante showed flashes of greatness withstanding the early onslaught of Miro with speed and agility earning a few one counts did not last long Miro took Dante’s head off with a thrust kick, stomped the back, and put Dante in his Game Over Camel Clutch leading to the tap out victory.

After the match Jake the Snake Roberts comes out with Archer cutting a great promo on Miro and lets Archer loose leading to a quick battle between Miro and Archer only lasting a few punches and a big boot as Miro escapes thanks to referees getting involved.

Hikaru Shida Celebration

Exactly what was needed and deserved after a title reign that has spanned 378 days at the time of this article, the new AEW Women’s Championship belt looks awesome stands out more with the gold and diamond studs really selling how important this division is. Dr. Britt Baker D.M.D with a great heel promo alluding to that she will create a new era in wrestling, instead of 3:16 it will be D.M.D

Ethan Page and Scorpio Sky VS Evil Uno and Stu Grayson

Stu Grayson picks up the action within a few minutes by delivering a springboard DDT to Sky on the apron. The familiarity between Uno and Grayson on display early with great double team moves, Sky takes over in short order grabbing and swinging Grayson’s leg out from under him following up with a wicked slingshot cutter, taking control of the match for his team. Smartly isolating Grayson from Uno with quick tags in and out followed by double team moves to keep the pressure on Stu Grayson, a great spot with Grayson attempting sunset flip, with Sky maintaining his balance just long enough for Ethan Page to tag himself in. Uno takes umbrage and enters the ring distracting the heels leading to the hot tag rushing in with a frankensteiner to Ethan Page last-ditch effort of get over here by Uno and Grayson, to no avail Sky makes an incredible adjustment rolling through a charging Grayson, while Page delivered Ego’s Edge to Evil Uno leading to the pin and the win.

After the match Page and Sky call out Darby and Sting who respond with a group of stingers, leading to Sting being revealed as a stinger. The icing on the cake for the segment was Sky selling the reveal (we have seen this in wrestling so many times if Sky would not have sold it the way he did complete shock and retreat it more than likely would have landed flat.

Inner Circle Celebration

Eric Bischoff hosting, and truly puts over the Inner Circle may possibly be the best faction in the history of pro wrestling when it is all said and done even alluding that it will go down in history as better than the NOW. (Authors note such a Jericho mark I sing Judas as they come out while at home) Passion and heart rang through these promos from the Inner Circle especially Jake Hager who has grown a lot on the microphone these last 6 months becoming more comfortable in his character and it truly shows. The promos felt like they were goodbye promos which may not bode well for the Inner Circle come Sunday. MJF appears on the screen with an assaulted Dean Malenko in danger by the goalpost, sending Inner Circle running for the stadium and into a trap. The Pinnacle absolutely destroyed the Inner Circle finishing it off with FTR delivering piledrivers to both Santana and Ortiz from the bottom of the stands through tables all the way to the field below standing tall to end Dynamite.

Overall a great edition of Dynamite exactly what you want from a go-home show. All the matches and storylines were enhanced, and the personal and professional stakes were raised, save for the weigh-in which did not raise my anticipation for Rhodes and Ogogo on Sunday.

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