AEW Rampage The First Dance Results and review 8.20.21

CM Punk Arrives

Crowd chanting for CM Punk from the get-go as we get what we all wanted and hoped and knew would happen. The voice of the voiceless Is ALL ELITE, and he brought Cult of Personality along with him! The crowd chants CM Punk for a good 30 seconds and then they erupt! Tears and hugs in the crowd this is a moment none of us will forget for a long time! The crowd spent a good portion of this entrance on their feet and by good portion, I say 5:00 minutes.


What way to open the show in Chicago and CM Punk hasn’t even spoken yet as we go to commercial break. Not even a word was spoken by Punk and they never left their feet.

Cm Punk Promo

Punk gives a huge thank you to the crowd, claims he’s not going anywhere he’s got the time every Wednesday Friday, and 4 Sundays or Saturday’s (his words) apologized for leaving, said he couldn’t get better by staying where he got sick in the first place. Apparently, CM Punk left professional Wrestling and now he’s back, wishes he had a locker room like the one in AEW 10 years ago and calls out Darby Allin, who appears with Sting in the rafters, and punk promptly challenges Darby to a match on September 5th at All Out! and told the crowd to help themselves to an ice cream bar on their way out on him.


What a promo clearing the air in more ways than one, and continuing on the Darby best in the world comment, Cm punk hasn’t missed a beat in the promo department, the match between Punk and Darby is gonna be wild.

Christian Jurrasic Express Segment

Christian takes the reigns speaking of taking Kenny’s Impact Championship and has his number. Puts over Jurrasic Express as legit threats to the Young Bucks tag team championships. and sound as Confident as ever after winning the Impact Championship.


Great promo work by Christian, got me behind wanting to see him wrestle Kenny Omega again, but didn’t get me fired up for the Private Party Jurrasic express match as much as AEW may have hoped it would.

Jurassic Express Vs Private Pary Tag Team Eliminator Tournament Semifinals

The crowd as usual fully behind Jurassic Express and the Young Bucks have arrived in the arena to see who they may face at All Out first hand. Sitting at the top of the stage. Fast-paced match to start us off Jungle Boy fights off the double team multiple times hitting dropkicks and gaining control of the match attempting to tag Luchasaurus and we get PIP as Private Party pounds on Jungle Boy. Jungle boy completely assaulting during the commercial break, Jungle Boy hits a jawbreaker but too little too late as the tag attempt is broken up, jungle Boy hits a huge right hand and tags in Luchasaurus and he immediately takes control dominating both members of Private Party, and Matt Hardy is losing it on the outside. Isiah Cassidy hit a huge Canadian Destroyer on Jungle Boy for two, springboard shooting star press by Marq Quen onto Luchasaurus on the outside. Jurassic Express almost stole one following countering silly string and Luchasaurus hitting the tail whip and Kassidy kicks out. Gin n Guice is countered by Jungle Boy with a tornado DDT what suplex powerbomb combo for the 3 and they will face off against The Lucha Bros and The Varsity Blondes.


These two teams went all out in this one showing the importance of this tournament reinforcing the legacy of the AEW tag Titles. Jungle Boy continues to get over with the crowd and has carried that over to Luchasaurus as well, they have mastered the hot tag comeback moment.

Jade Cargille VS Kiera Hogan

Nice video package to get us behind the feud. This is the Rampage debut for both of these women the power of Cargill on full display early, but the fire of Kiera catches Jade off guard. Panders to the crowd and pays for it with about to the face. Jade hits Kiera with a delayed Glam Slam for 3.


This match did everything it was supposed to. a brief intro to who Kiera Hogan is and continues to show the dominance of Cargill, but still just your standard squash with a brief babyface flurry thrown in for good measure.

Jon Moxley VS Daniel Garcia

AEW is getting pretty good with the quick pre-recorded promos as a tease to get you to stay through the commercials during Rampage. Moxley enters the arena through the masses in Chicago being followed by Eddie Kingston, Garcia already in the ring, Taz calls Garcia out for not jumping on Moxley when his back was turned taking off his jacket. Moxley brutalizing Daniel Garcia early this could end up being a short one, but just as suddenly Garcia using his technical ability takes control taking Moxley out at the legs. Almost Hitman esk garcia is picking apart the leg of on moxley elbow drops and , ankle locks. Moxley eats a chop delivers a boot followed by two german suplexes, Garcia counters, and rolls into another leg lock. Moxley gets the rope break and you can almost feel him say the hell with this as he takes control once again until Daniel Garcia transitions from countering the Paradigm shift into the Sharpshooter, Moxley counters into the bulldog choke and Garcia passes out. 2.0 pounce on Moxley and Kingston quickly Sting and Darby are out to help out Moxley and Kingston we get a paradigm shift stinger splash scorpion death drop and finally a coffin drop.


Overall Show grade A

What a match to end an explosive edition of AEW Rampage stories progressed, good but not overlong matches, and most importantly the return of CM Punk to professional wrestling! AEW knocked it out of the park with this edition of Rampage and sounds like Punk will be around a lot so that’s good news for all of us.

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