AEW Dynamite 8.11.21 Results and Review

by Jason McCarthy Sr

There is so much to unpack from the Wednesday, August 11th edition of dynamite from the star studied card to wrestlers increase there cred with the live audiences. Oh, and there was some pretty good wrestling to boot!

Kenny Omega and The Young Bucks VS Dante Martin and the Sydal Brothers

the crowd has grown to truly despise Omega and the Bucks, Dante Martin, however, is absolutely loved by the crowd receiving a huge ovation during his entrance. Matt Sydal and Matt Jackson kicked off the bout showing their chain wrestling and athletisiscm, with Matt Sydal cartwheeling out of a snapmare attempt. Matt Jackson takes control after the counter with a double-handed throat thrust, Sydal firing right back hits Jackson with a spinning flipping senton followed by a la magistral cradle for two.

Nick Jackson is tagged into the matchup and continues the over the top pro wrestling over the top ridiculousness, the pace picks up for a few minutes and then Dante Martin ends the sequence with an assist from the Sydal brothers nailing a springboard cross body to The Elite on the outside. Leading to the crowd blowing the roof off as Dante gets the hot tag shortly after, almost emidietly The Elite put a stop to Dante’s momentum hitting a trippple team wheelbarrow factor, followed by a double chop. Dante truly shows his heart and tenacity by flipping out of both the Tiger Driver 98 and the One Winged Angel before falling to the V Trigger and One Winged Angel.

winner Kenny Omega and The Young Bucks: Via Pinfall

Really great way to open the show the crowd was hot from the get go and were really behind Dante Martin, who will be one of the standout stars of AEW for years to come. To top it all off we got the announcement of Kenny Omega Vs Christian cage for the AEW Championship at All Out on September 5th, followed by Jurrasic express receiving a tag title shot for the August 18th edition of Dynamiyte as wee as the huge shocker of Christian Cage VS Kenny Omega for the Impact Championship in the first match on the first edition of AEW Rampage!

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