Oh hey, there Bruzernation are you ready for another Edition of AEW Rampage.

We have a stacked card for the one-hour masterpiece that is Rampage

  • AEW World Tag Team Championship Match: Lucha Brothers (c) (w/Alex Abrahantes) vs. The Butcher & The Blade (w/The Bunny)
  • Anna Jay vs. The Bunny
  • TNT Championship Match: Miro (c) vs. Fuego Del Sol – “TNT Title vs. Fuego’s New Car”

you never know what can happen on AEW Rampage so let’s get started right now at 10:00 P.M. EST

We are starting off the right way with the Lucha Bros very First AEW Tag Title defense against Butcher and the Blade

Butcher and Blade are out first looking slick with their new Jackets on.

both of these teams come into this match undefeated in 2021 who takes their first loss?

starting off with a breakneck pace and multiple counters from Fenix and Blade.

Butcher and Blade not missing a step after Butcher was off due to injury for multiple months

what a double team from Penta and Fenix double dives to the outside.

The blade may be a little rusty didn’t get as high as he did before on the huge cross body but still devastating to Penta.

Butcher and Blade took complete control of this match during the picture in picture

Fenix nails Butcher with a snap german suplex not being denied his offense after the hot tag from an injured PentaBUtcher intelligently interfered after the double stomp package piledriver saving the match for the Lucha Bros and taking control of the matchup in the process.

Paul Turner didn’t see the tag from Fenix allowing Butcher and Blade to stay in control, and tying the mask of Penta top the bottom rope of his own corner. Penta valiantly makes the save for the Lucha Bros removing his mask saving the titles in the process, Fenix rolls up Butcher for the three and the HOF quickly comes out to attack the Lucha Bros resulting in Santana and Ortiz to come out and make the save.

Winners Lucha Bros with a roll-up

Great way to kick off Rampage with high octane offense, the teams looked a little off at times but with their history, if you weren’t looking for it you wouldn’t have notice PIP hurt this m, catch a little and I’m curious to see where this goes as far as Santana and Ortiz vs The Lucha Bros we could see them go at it as soon as next week a big match for a huge night.

grade B+ (PIP hurt the grade but story, effort, and questions about where the angle goes takes this to a B+ from a B-)

Good pacing to this show so far both the opening match and second match have connections The Bunny Vs, Anna Jay

Anna Jay VS Bunny

bell hasn’t even rung and Anna Jay and Bunny going at it with BUnny taking a hard suplex on the outside, going right after the Bunny, obviously frustrated by the goings-on of the Dark Order. Anna Jay is in complete control of this match Bunny has no answers to her fierce offense tonight. Bunny intelligently takes control racking Anna Jay’s arm on the ring post twice. Aubrey checks on Anna Jay after getting her arm smashed on the outside by The Bunny. Commercial break in the middle of a women’s match AEW I thought we were past this. We return from the break with Bunny in control Anna Jay nursing that arm Penelope tries to get involved and stopped by Tay Conti while Anna Jat rolls up The Bunny, fight breaks out between these three women Penelope pulls out the Brass Knucks and nails Tay Conti right in the face followed by a strike to Anna Jay.

The decent match was placed nicely on the card the commercial break hurts this grade a lot made the match feels disjointed the angle at the end will move this grade up there’s a lot of bad blood between Anna Jay Tay Conti and The Bunny and Penelope Ford.

Grade C+

Matt Hardy with a decent promo and attacks a fan bringing him into the ring and hitting him with the twist of fate and begins to cut his hair orange Cassidy out to make the save, Matt and Jack Evans quickly retreat this hair match is gonna be epic.

Grade C

Wow, visceral shots fired by Ruby Soho to Britt Baker DMD that banging some dude in the backline wow. Britt fires right back Soho didn’t run away from anything Soho got fired.

That was one hell of a segment beginning with some serious verbal shots at each other followed by a Mele.

Grade A+

great promos by Miro and Fuego guys especially Miro he likes celebrating victories with his god up high and his wife down low

We get promos for the huge event next week Dynamit and Rampage Grand Slam 4 hours of AEW in one week is gonna be epic

Miro VS Fuego Del Sol

TNT Title VS Car

The redeemer enters second and looking as dangerous as ever, will he redeem Fuego Del Sol and take a new car home with him or will Fuego shock the world by defeating Miro and taking the TNT Title with that tornado DDT.

Bryce Remsberg will be officiating this matchup

Fuego tries a go behind to no avail with the size of Miro and his attacks are having absolutely no effect on God’s favorite champion. Fuego goes for a plancha to the outside but is easily caught by Miro but Fuego takes control forcing miro into the ring post and a frankensteiner off the apron the fans caught Fuego and he leaps at Miro but once again is caught and receive a fallaway slam on the outside. we have a picture in the picture and Miro is in complete control rolling Fuego Del Sol into the ring. followed up by a gut wrench overhead suplex then tossing Fuego across the ring, posing for the crowd looking to the sky for his god not taking Fuego seriously at all. vicious elbows from miro to Del Sol he May have a new car in just a few short minutes well new to him anyway. Revers curb stomp from miro wakes up Fuego Del Sol who starts to fire back and gets Miro in a sleeper, who can yank Miro away from the ropes and put him back in a sleeper forcing the champion down to one knee. Charges Del SOl receives a boot and a double boot for this trouble Fuego gets caught in a bear hug after ducking two attempts from Miro to clothesline him into next week. Headbutts Miro to get out of Bear hug attacking the weakness of Miro followed buy an enzigiri. Fuego Del Sol goes for a springboard crossbody and gets swatted by Miro with an Ax handle to the face spinning Fuego in the process. Double stomps twice one in the chest the other in the head, DDT from Fuego but Miro recovers counters the flying DDT and now Miro is throwing soup bones to Fuegowhat a Matchka Kick to the side of the face to Miro and follows up with another to the back of the head pinning Fuego Del Sol and taking his caring the process.

Winner The Redeemer MiroOne hell of a TNT title match not sure if id ever get tired of these two going at it and Miro follows up by putting the car keys in Fuegos mouth and applying the redeem lock and Sammy comes out to make the save chasing of miro opening another story for Miro could we see Sammy Guevarra and Miro for the TNT Title shortly.

Grade A+

Sammy coming out and starting a new feud with Miro put this grade from A- to A+, the way AEW transitions stories and feuds is something to behold at times it’s so seamless and makes sense.

Good primer show for the Huge week of AEW television hitting our screens next week!

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