WWE Smackdown Draft Night 1 October 1st, 2021

By Jason McCarthy Sr

Match Card

so far all that has been announced is an appearance from the Rated R Superstar Edge Sasha Banks vs Bianca Belair in a Wrestlemania rematch.

Who will be the first pick for tonight’s draft hell which brand goes first, will Sasha and Bianca settle their differences in the squared circle guess well all have to find out on Night 1 of the 2021 WWE draft!

We’ll keep you updated all show long right here on the official website of Bruzernation Productions!

Coverage begins at 8:00 P.M. EST

We begin with Michael Cole and Pat Mcaffee welcoming us in and announcing the draft picks will not go into effect for three weeks.

The first pick of the draft goes to Smackdown and they smartly keep the Tribal Chief Roman Reigns and the current Universal Champion on Smackdown.

For the second Pick of the evening Monday Night Raw selects Big E which right now reunites the New Day.

For the third pick of the evening, we get the Raw Womens Champion Charlotte Flair drafted to smackdown.

Followed by the final pick of the first round by Raw moving The EST of WWE Bianca Belair away from Smackdown!

The Tribal Chief the Head of the table the first pick of the draft and THe Universal Champion who has helped the title for 397 Roman Reigns on his way to the arena along with his special counsel Paul Heyman.

We get a recap from Sunday night’s matchup at Extreme Rules highlighting the questionable booking decision of the top rope breaking under the weight of the 190-pound Demon Fin Balor.

Paul Heyman calling Roman Reigns the Suplexersist, and to no one’s surprise this brings out the Beast Brock Lesnar

After a brief staredown Roman goes right at Brock Lesnar with right hands and eats 2 german suplexes for his trouble, the ever-loyal Uso’s eat a couple as well just for good measure. Brock stands tall to end the segment as Roman leaves Jey and Jimmie both eat F-5s just for still being there.

Grade A

Good opening segment following the first round of the draft just whetting our appetites for the clash of titans that will be Brock Lesnar VS Roman Reigns for the Universal Championship.

We get a traditional Charlotte promo which is never a bad thing.

Kevin Owens VS Happy Corbin

Owens goes right at Corbin wasting absolutely no time attempting to get revenge for all the injustices served up by Corbin the past few weeks, madcap Moss is able to trip up Owens on the apron giving the advantage to Corbin Early as we break for commercial.

we come back from the break with Corbin still in control, Owens quickly hits an enziguri to take control back from Corbin. Back and forth matchup with Corbin scoring a near fall following the Deep Six. Owens fights back with counters, a superkick, and the cannonball scoring a near fall for himself.

Madcap Moss distracts Owens just enough for Corbin to Hit The end of Days to Owens on the outside followed by another one in the center of the ring and scoring the pinfall victory over Kevin Owens.

Grade C

Decent matchup to get the wrestling portion of the show going, the commercial break hurts the grade for this match, and of course the half-speed. WWE goes when they’re still building a feud.

Another recap from the Smackdown portion of Extreme rules this time from the Smackdowns women’s championship matchup and the interference from The returning Sasha Banks.

Finally, the King of the Ring and Queen of the ring tournaments are announced to start next week, one of my all-time favorite tournaments in wrestling, you know how much I love tournaments if you’ve listened to THE Bruze Cruze Podcast.

We are back with draft selections first pick of the second round and it is none other the Drew Mcyntire returning to Smackdown followed by Raw choosing RKO the current Raw tag team champions to stay on RAW.

Just like that with the third pick of the draft the New Day Day Kofi Kingston and Xavier Woods get drafted by Smackdown followed by Monday Night raw picking The Rated R Superstar, guaranteeing we get the third match between Rollins and Edge to blow off their feud at Croen Jewel.

Grade C

This is all about the picks made while Drew and Edge need a change of scenery the drafting of Kofi and Xavier to Smackdown and going the easy route and Raw drafting the Raw tag Team Champion.

Simple and Direct promo by Drew announcing his intentions of going after the Universal Championship, followed immediately by Edge making his return to Smackdown after being out for the last few weeks. We go to a commercial break before Edge can speak.

We get an impatient prom from Edge not only sharing his excitement about new challenges coming his way from the result of him being drafted to Raw but also call out Seth Rollins and we get a pre-taped on-location segment of Seth at Edge’s home, the look in the eyes of Edge really sells the seriousness of the situation as he sprints form the ring to attempt to get back home as quickly as possible knowing the threat the Seth Rollins can bring to his family, Seth casually gives us a tour of the Copeland residence taking OJ and an apple from the fridge.

We cut back to Edge frantically calling his wife Beth Pheonix informing her of the situation and pleading with her not to return home with their daughters.

Grade A+

These two were made for each other, everything they do together is gold from in ring to promos and segments not much else you can ask for from the wonderful world of pro wrestling.

Liv Morgan Vs Carmella

We return from another commercial and Liv Morgan goes right at Carmella after threatening to break her face. Carmell quickly rolls out of the ring grabs a microphone and retrieves a protective mask from the ringside crew, gaining the uppehand on Morgan.

Grade D

this feud just isn’t working by them not allowing Carmella and Morgan to actually have matched only giving them a few minutes each week.

The next pick for smackdown is in and Smackdown selects Happy Corbin and Madcap Moss to stay where they are, while Raw chooses the WWE Women’s tag team Champions Ria Ripley and Niki ASH. Followed by Smackdown picking Hit Row from NXt and finally surprising us with a pick, with Raw selecting Keith “Bearcat” Lee.

Grade C

While I am intrigued by Hit Row on the Main Roster the picks have been underwhelming tonight with very few surprises and movement with many superstars staying on the show they were already on.

8 man Tag Team Matchup The New Day and the Street Profits VS The Dirty Dogs and the Alpha Acadamy

Kofi and Ziggler start us off showing their insane chemistry together, Kofi gets control tagging in Woods, followed by another quick tag to Montex Ford, Ziggler attacks the injured ribs of Ford gaining an advantage and tagging in Chad Gable, who maintains control wrestling Ford to the mat quickly. Gable has Ford well scouted knocking him to the Mat and putting Ford in the Ankle Lock, Ford starts to build momentum which is quickly squashed by a spinning back kick to the midsection of Ford. Otis takes violent control decimating Montez ford throwing him into the barricade as we get yet another commercial break. we return with Ford still the legal man and is caught by Gable with a northern lights suplex countering the athleticism of Montez Ford. Ziggler tagged in Ford regains control and finally, tags in Angelo Dawkins, who takes complete control destroying Ziggler and Rude, near fall my Dawkins is broken up by Otis. Montez Ford eats a superkick after flying over the ropes, Rude hits a spine buster to Dawkins in the middle of the ring but only scores a two-count. Double team by New Day on Rude to score the pinfall victory.

Grade B+

Energetic 8 man tag match with every wrestler performing well and showing what they can do, this wrestling fan hopes American Aloha gets drafted to RAW on Monday they are sorely needed to enhance the tag division on RAW.

4th round Smackdown chooses Naomi much to the chagrin of Sonya Deville Raw Chooses Rey and Dominik Mysterio, followed by SMackdown selecting Jeff Hardy who sorely needs a change of scenery. raws next pick for the final pick of night one selecting Austin theory.

Grade B

grade solely for the surprises and movement of superstars so we can get what is promised every year which is fresh matchups.

We get an impromptu Interview with Jeff who is immediately confronted by Brock Lesnar, announcing that he is a free agent thanks to his friend Paul Heyman creating more dissension between the bloodline and Paul. Leaving Heyman almost speechless when confronted by Roman, and literally shaking in his suite after being asked about why Romans cousins have not been drafted to stay on Smackdown yet ordering Paul to go to Raw and ensure it happens.

grade A

They have slowly been building the issues between Paul and Roman which will all come to a head-on Raw if they are not drafted to Smackdown, Reigns has ordered the Uso’s to leave him for dead on Raw.

Bianca Belair VS Sasha Banks

After both Women come to the ring and Becky Lynch makes her way to the commentary table, Sash and Bianca go it with a traditional bow and elbow tie-ups and Sahsa hits a running Frankensteiner and sunset flip from the corner on Bianca, followed by Bianca running over Banks. Banks counters the EST body slam, Bianca recovers and delivers a gorilla press slam but didn’t get Sasha all the way up. Sasha is forced to the outside while we get yet another commercial break, we come back from the break to Michael Cole really getting under the skin of THe Man Becky Lynch While Bianca gets a near fall on Sasha Banks, then tossing her across the ring. Sasha Hits the frog Splash after some quick back and forth scoring yet another near fall on the EST of the WWE. Belair nearly gives the K.O.Od to Banks from the apron, Banks IS able to counter distraction from Becky Lynch results in a roll-up victory for Sasha over Bianca, just as quickly as the finish happened Charlotte Flair Comes out and Kicks every one but Becky in the face.

Grade B+

These two can’t have a bad match, however as entertaining as it was there were a lot of distractions caused by Lynch and Cole constantly arguing at the commentary table, not taking away from the effort in the ring but they never got into that third gear you would expect from a feud like this. Charlotte coming out was unexpected and the right way to create intrigue for the second night of the draft on Monday.

Overall show Grade B

Decent wrestling mixed in with some story development but the uneventful picks of many wrestlers staying in their current shows hurt the overall feel of the show not feeling nearly as game-changing as a draft should.

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