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Conti vs Garrett

Bryan Danielson vs Minoru Suzuki

Bobby Fish vs Lee Moriarty.


CM Punk vs. Matt Sydal

Ruby Soho vs. The Bunny

The Inner Circle (Chris Jericho, Jake Hager, Sammy Guevara) vs. Men of the Year (Scorpio Sky and Ethan Page) and Junior dos Santos




Rampage Buy-In

Conti vs Garrett

Grade B

Quick matchup from Conti and Garrett, Conti truly making a statement taking the victory from the more experienced Santana Garret.

Bobby Fish VS Lee Moriarty

Starting off with effective technical wrestling as Moriarty gets an early advantage bit quickly outwrestled by Fish, transitions back into a hammerlock choke, Moriarty continues to surprise Fish staying in control with technical wrestling, but the hard-hitting offense of Fish finally give him the advantage with a dragon screw and a vicious sliding clothesline to a seated Moriarty.

Fish continues the abuse as Moriarty tries to fight back to no avail continuing the assault with a top wristlock, Lee back to his feet and they begin trading strikes in the ring European uppercut by Lee, Fish nearly gets the Sharpshooter but Lee kicks him in the face, forcing Fish into the corner and nailing a standing enziguri followed by a jumping stomp for two. Lee still fighting keeping fish on his toes fish nails a roundhouse and a side suplex for two. Moriarty continues the punishment on the arm of Fish with a hammerlock side suplex and another near fall Fish counters the suplex attempt getting the rear-naked choke on Moriarty, followed by a leaping knee strike for two. Exploder suplex into the ropes followed by a vicious roundhouse to head for the pinfall victory.

Grade B

Awesome back and forth contest between Fish and the young Lee Moriarty showing their skills giving us a back and forth battle combining the viciousness of Fish and the tenacity of Lee Moriarty.

Bryan Danielson VS Minoru Suzuki

Quick update for people that say Japanese style doesn’t draw in America currently watching on YouTube 73,392

The crowd loves the King of Pro Wrestling and The American Dragon

everyone is on their feet and these two haven’t even locked horns yet, as holy S**t chants ring through the arena. viewers went up to 79,785 at 9:32. Start with test of strength which Suzuki gets the better of forcing his will on Danielson early, the technical prowess of Danielson on display early working every piece of the arm as Suzuki counters into an abdominal stretch countered by Danielson we get SI chants from the crowd Bryan goes for a single leg Suzuki retains his balance but then goes for a dragon screw which is countered with a roll through by Suzuki. Back to their feet as they both trade shots in the middle of the ring. Danielson was taken down with the patented vicious elbow of Suzuki, Bryan back to his feet at nails Suzuki with multiple roundhouses followed by elbows to the clavicle of Suzuki. Suzuki caught Bryan with a hanging armbar over the ropes and continues the stiff shots to Danielson. Suzuki in control hammer locking the arm. Danielson with his leg, transitioning into a traditional hammerlock with Danielson reaching the ropes for the break. Suzuki loving every minute of this but Bryan was able to counter the Irish whip attempt forcing Suzuki into the ring post followed by a running knee strike. Suzuki eating roundhouses to the chest from Danielson. Followed by capture stomps to the face of Suzuki and gets the cattle mutilation submission, the skill of Suzuki turns into it not letting Danielson apply complete pressure. Combo chops and kicks in the corner followed by a running knee by Danielson. Suzuki fires back with kicks of his own and Danielson is eating those, but still leads to a near fall for Suzuki as they fight in the middle of the ring again Suzuki counters the suplex into an armbar as Danielson fights to get to the ropes. Shout out to Ricky Starks for word use- plethora! Suzuki gets caught in the label lock after being distracted by Bryce Remsburg. Suzuki makes it to the ropes causing the break. As they get back to vertical bases trading shots once again. Suzuki puts his arms behind his back daring Danielson to hit him with his best shots, as he hits him with another elbow that echoes through the arena these two are going at it and hit each other at the same time and crumble to the canvas. After trading dozens of blows Suzuki nearly catches Danielson in the rear-naked choke and gotch piledriver, Danielson scores the win after bouncing off the ropes twice and hitting a vicious running knee strike to Suzuki.

Grade A

amazing matchup from two seasoned veterans absolutely destroying each other putting their skills on full display and entertaining the crowd to an incredible main event of AEW Rampage Buy-in

98,584 watching


Missed Punk VS Sydal will review tomorrow

Ruby Soho VS The Bunny

Starting with short-chain wrestling, Soho quickly picks up the intensity The Bunny takes control for a moment Soho fights back but the bunny is able to rip her off the top turnbuckle followed up by a running sliding elbow to a seated Soho as we go to our first commercial break of the evening.

Jericho Hagar and Guevara Vs Page Sky and Dosantos

Guevara and Sky start us off with a vicious elbow strike to Sammy counter a knee attempt with a roll-up and a flying dropkick tags Jericho and he hits sky with a clothesline, Sky is quickly able to tag in Desantos who immediately goes on the offense with strikes leveling Jericho and remaining in control decimating Jericho in the process. Jericho tags in Hagar as the two mixed martial artists go at it Dosanto stakes control again Hagar is able to escape the corner and deliver a huge double leg slam losing control by another strike by Dos Santos. Sky tagged in clotheslined by Hagar tagging in Jericho who steps to Jorge Masvidal on the outside, allowing Page to deliver a double ax handle to Jericho on the outside. we go to picture in picture as America’s top Team continues to dismantle the inner circle. Dos Santos continues the punishment leveling Jericho in the corner with rights and lefts. Quick tags from sky and page which leads to a Walls of Jericho attempt but countered by all ego than page striking Jericho multipole times in the face. Sky is still in control of Jericho who has been in this match a very long time but is able to counter the super plex attempt by Sky who’s right back on Jericho tagging in Page Dos Santos tagged in when we return from the picture in picture power slamming Jericho earning a two count. Jericho counters Page with an enziguri as he crawls for the tag to Sammy double springboard cutter to Sky and a Spanish fly, standing shooting star press for a near fall. Springboard dropkick by Jericho to page double sledge to Sky followed by the lionsault earning a two count Dos Santos and Hagar in the ring going at it. Dos Santos gets the better of Hagar for a moment Hagar counters with a rock bottom through the table on the outside. Went for the codebreaker Sky counters Jericho counters into the Walls of Jericho Page Van Zaint distracts Aubrey Jorge Masvidal runs in Knees Jericho in the face and Sky scores the pinfall victory for his team. as the assault continues on the Inner Circle. Proud and Powerful finally return to AEW television running off THe Men Of The Year

Grade A

great six-man tag lots going on continuing the story between Americas top team and the inner circle, Jericho did alit in this match more and Dos Santos showed out good angle at the end as well with Proud and Powerful making the save for the Inner Circle.

Coverage begins at 8:00 P.M. E.S.T

We open up with Edge making his way to the ring and a video package recapping the feud between Edge and Seth Rollins. Edge places a chair in the middle of the ring and goes through his history with Seth, and admitting that not only did he underestimate Seth but Seth is not Edge light. Comparing them both to devils and claiming he will scar Seth’s soul.

Grade A

Perfect promo work from Edge to keep the fans invested in quite possibly the best non-title feud in the company.

Finn Balor VS Sami Zayn Semifinal match King of the Ring Tournament

We start with Zami backing off from Balor, and quick chain wrestling, broken up by an elbow to the face from Zayn to Balor, Balor delivers a basement dropkick to Zayn transitioning into an arm drag takedown. Balor forces zayn out of the ring as we go to another commercial break.

We return with Sami in control trading momentum Balor hits a Pele kick to the face of Sami to gain some much-needed separation. After trading blows on the apron Zayn finds himself on the ropes, counters an attempted superplex on Balor soaks up the boos from the crowd, and pays for it eating a dropkick as he descends from the ropes.

Sami counters the reverse DDT elbow into a blue thunder bomb for a near fall. after multiple elbows to the back of the head Zayn is able to hit the exploder suplex into the corner, Sami takes too much time attempting the Heluva Kick Balor counters with a kick to the face, Sami moves out of the way of the Coup De Grace for another near fall, Balor hits the sling blade blast Sami into the corner as Balor goes for another Coupe de Grace rolls up Balor for a two count, Balor counters the exploder kicking Sami in the chest nails Sami with a shotgun dropkick into the corner back up for the Coup De Grace for the pinfall victory.

Grade A

Now, this is what the king of the ring is all about no shenanigans no interference just two of the best wrestlers on the planet putting on an absolute show.

We return with a recap of the Chaos Lesnar has brought to the Bloodline. Getting us ready for Crown Jewel and truly hyping up Brocks appearance later tonight.

Naomi Vs Sonya Deville

Naomi is out first and Deville drops a bombshell announcing this is now a handicapped match featuring the team of Deville and Shayna Baszler

Deville slaps Naomi after forcing the ref to ring the bell with both Baszler and Deville legal at all times. after a quick dropkick on Baszler Deville and Baszler take control assaulting Naomi with shots to the midsection and verbal abuse, Naomi fights back getting the best of Baszler nearly getting her hands on Deville until Baszler catches her in the Carifuda clutch.

Grade C

Mot much of a match per se but does advance the story between Naomi and Sonya which will eventually lead to a one-on-one matchup between the two more than likely forced by Adam Pierce due to the abuse of power by Deville.

Seth Rollins Promo

Scathing promo from Seth more time in the cell than Edge and will put an end to this feud

Grade A

Carmella VS Zelina Vega Semifinals Queens Crown Tournament

Zelina promises not to break Carmellas face convincing her to not wear her protective face mask Carmella taking control early as Zelina fights back with an arm drag, then eats a kick to the face as she apologizes to her friend Zelina takes the win thanks to a distraction by Liv Morgan.

Grade C-

better match than we have seen in the Queen’s crown but still not given enough time to tell an effective story.

Won’t even bother grading the Happy Corbin segment.

missed USOS VS Street Profits and Becky VS Sash will review tomorrow

Reigns Lesnar Contract signing

Lesnar already treating this as a joke with his feet on the table as the special council Paul Heyman reviews the contract for Reigns, and Lesnar continues the mind games claiming he already read the contract with his advocate PaulHeyman


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