AEW Rampage 10.1.21 Review and Results

By Jason McCarthy Sr

We have an action Packed night of AEW Rampage

Match Card Orange Cassidy VS Jack Evans Hair VS Hair

The American Dragon Bryan Danielson Vs Nick Jackson

Jade Cargill VS Nyla Rose VS Thunderosa Triple threat match

coverage begins at 10:00 P.M. EST

Bryan Danielson VS Nick Jackson

Once again on Rampage, we are starting off with a banger of a matchup, Bryan Danielson is always ready to go while Jackson backs away to avoid getting caught early by the technical ability of Bryan Danielson. Jackson gets backed into the corner and nails Danielson in the face while the ref attempts to create separation. Jackson has Danielson scouted looking out for those hard kicks and rolls out of the ring to slow things down. Danielson joins him with a tope suicida to the outside followed by a shotgun dropkick, setting Jackson up for the patented roundhouse kicks to the chest. Tying Jackson up with a surfboard, transition into a dragon sleeper counted by a thumb to the eye to get out of the situation by Nick Jackson. Jackson finally gets control with a big-time clothesline. Jackson tries a springboard maneuver but gets caught by Danielson delivering a butterfly suplex. The viciousness of Danielson on full display brutalizing Jackson with forearms to the chest and tearing the arm apart setting him up for the label lock. Jackson nearly takes control but Danielson counters with a loud chop forcing Nick to the mat. Danielson is forced to the outside while Nick Jackson distracts the ref so his brother Matt can attack Danielson on the outside, as we go to picture in picture.

We return with Nick in control after continuing the assault on the outside, Danielson absorbs the mocking roundhouse kicks to the chest eating them for breakfast. After the no sell of the kicks, Danielson goes off with kicks and chops decimating Jackson, followed up by roundhouse kicks to the back and chest and a final one to the head. goes for a triple running single-legged dropkick but is countered on the third with a superkick. Jackson climbs the ropes and attempts a 450, counted by Danielson catching him with the knees and quickly sinching in the Label Lock.

After kicking the ring post inadvertently, and giving Danielson a german on the apron Jackson is in control and applies the sharpshooter to try to make the mat technician tap out. Jackson inadvertently punts Brandon Cutler in the face leasing to Danielson delivering a german suplex flipping Jackson over. Tiger suplex into the bridge. leading to the tap out victory for Bryan Danielson in the form the cattle mutilation.

Grade B+

Not much to complain about here other than you can tell that Nick Jackson is not used to competing in these type of technical matchups, which slowed the pace down at times.

The Elite comes out however Jurrasic Express and Christian come out to turn the tide leading to Omega and Cole locking in their submission maneuvers, while Kenny No Balls Chants emanate from the crowd.

Thunderosa VS Jade Cargill Vs Nyla Rose

All three women start out going right at each other with reckless abandon., breaking down to Thunderosa rolling out and Nyla An dJade standing toe to toe in the ring, pump kick by Jade nearly takes Nyla down. Thunderosa climbs the ropes and delivers a missile dropkick to Cargill leading into the commercial break.

We return from the break with Thunderosa in control and a trash can in the ring kicking it in the face of Jade Cargill resulting in a near fall. Cargill counters a chokeslam with a spinebuster on Nyla Rose. Nyla slows things down with a single-leg crab running dropkick by Thunderosa followed by a quick near fall. Misses a dropkick attempt to Nyla in the corner, tries to powerbomb THinderosa on the table to no avail, tries to get her on the top rope resulting in eating a powerbomb herself through the table to the floor courtesy of Thunderosa. Cargill gets a chair from mark Sterling and absolutely destroys Thinderosa with it, scoring the pinfall victory over Thunderosa.

Grade B

The grade is not reflective of the amazing effort from the three women involved but the commercial break that created a disconnect from the viewers at home and the match.

Hair VS Hair Match

Orange Cassidy VS Jack Evans

This challenge was put forth by Matt Hardy much to the chagrin of Evans.

Evans tries to get a quick rollup following the distraction from Matt Hardy, ducks under the front kick of Jack Evans with hands in his pockets, clothesline counter with a backslide gains a near fall from Cassidy. Matt hardy gets control for Evans with a vicious haymaker, followed by a corkscrew kick by Evans, then hots Cassidy with a 450 splash off the apron to the floor, as we transition to Picture in Picture Cassidy barely beats the 10 count, to get back in and is immediately assaulted by Evans , knee strike by Evans maintaining control over Cassidy.

Evans is flying all over the ring staying in complete control of Cassidy, tossing him to the outside allowing Matt Hardy to continue the assault with referee Bryce Remsberg completely unaware. Huge counter from Cassidy flipping Evans to the outside getting the breather he needs, just in time to deliver an Orange Punch to Matt Hardy. Evans is game here tonight northern lights counter from the float over DDT attempt by Cassidy.

Orange delivers a DDT on Evans, followed by a diving DDT resulting in a very near fall as Matt calls out the rest of the HFO. Best friends cut them off at the pass on but are still outnumbered as the dark order now cuts them off, distracting Evans leading to the Orange Punch and the Victory for Orange Cassidy.

Grade B

good matchup here between two up and rising stars in AEW but with the picture and picture and so many shenanigans the grade is effected.

Overall Show grade B+

Another lighting fast edition of Rampage, with solid in-ring action and storyline developments as we have to come to expect from AEW shows. The only downside to 1-hour wrestling shows on cable is the multitude of commercials that break up the action.