Smackdown June 18th 2021 Roman Reigns vs Rey Mysterio WWE CHAMPIONSHIP

The story so far-

The first Hell in a Cell match in the history of Friday Night Smackdown just so happens to fall on fathers day weekend this year and features two fathers at vastly different intersections not only of their careers but fatherhood as well. Rey fights for the honor of his son, after the heinous powerbomb over the ropes and to the floor from Reigns to Dominick Mysterio. Roman to continue his legacy as one of the best Heel’s WWE has seen for a long time and remain WWE Champion and the man putting food on his family’s table!

Recap and Review

Rey Mysterio has never been inside Hell in a Cell, you wouldn’t know it using his veteran knowledge quickly takes control of the match with a chair, a fire extinguisher shortly after all leading to a brutal running shot with a full toolbox, as the action cuts to commercial. We return from the commercials as Rey continues this assault on the bigger stronger Reigns, going back to the steel chair. Sticking the head of Roman reigns into the chair and driving it into the side of the cell and the ring post and Roman is gasping for air and in huge trouble.

Roman comes back with a headbutt attempts a spear and Rey dodges causing Reigns to go headfirst through the table into the cell. Roman starts to fight back with rights and lefts goes for a powerbomb on the floor after Rey attempted a sunset flip bomb, Rey attempts to counter with a Franken-Steiner but to no avail, as Roman stops all his momentum and sends him crashing into the cell seining him like a pendulum and tossing him face-first into the Higher sections of the Cell, as we go to another break.

As the action continues we see Reigns beginning to decimate Rey Mysterio admonishing him in the process of delivering The Superman Punch to Rey, follows up with a spear countered by Rey goes for the 619 but Roman recovers attempts another spear, Rey once again get out of the way and Roman goes shoulder-first into the ring post, followed by a 629 and consecutive chair shots and a huge frog splash from the top rope onto a chair not able to make the cover, Rey returns to the top and hits another frog splash for a two count, Rey caught attempting another Franken-Steiner, and Romans toss him over the rope and into the Cell all the way to the floor. Roman returns Rey to the ring and with a reverse guillotine retains his championship by submission.

review- Another main event another amazing showing by Roman Reigns, Rey Mysterio looked right at home in his first-ever Hell in a Cell, a lot of creative violent spots naturally building to the finish. Rey showed why he has been so successful in his career showing nothing but heart as Roman tore him apart as the match came to a close.

grade A

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