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Do you need photos taken of an upcoming event, audio/video editing, or a wedding officiant? Bruzernation productions have the talent and experience you need all in one place!

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Want to get your knowledge out to the masses on Spotify or youtube book an appointment today!

1. Sound treatment (compression)15
2. Remove Breaths (includes service 1)25
3. splats (sound effects) service 1 and 2 included35
4. Video Podcast (Icludedes services 1 & 2) 45
5. Graphics (add transitions and graphics)55
*all price rates are on a per hour basis

Podcast Episode


Never forget that special day! Whether it’s a family reunion, Graduation Party, or Special anniversary well capture your memories so you can focus on creating them!

Family Photos50
Graduation Photos60
Wedding Photos100
Restaurant Menu 125
Real Estate150
*All services are per hour *ask about our pet photo add on

Commercial Services

Need a commercial to help your business grow! book a consultation today and we’ll help you bring your vision to life!

1. commercial or PSA (Audio only)15
2 record service 1 for you25
3. commercial or PSA (Audio and Video)50
4. Storyboarding and recording of commercial or PSA100
5. Editing of the finished product (includes all previous services listed)200
*services are on a per hour basis